You’ve lost your job, now what?

The unemployment rate in South Africa has leapt by a staggering 8% since 2010 and is currently the highest it has been at 32.6%. This means the population has never been under more financial stress than right now, as the uncertainty and debt grows. Keeping families afloat is understandably the top priority and everyone is […]

Control your debt or it will control you

You have to be deliberate about managing your debt as it can very quickly spiral out of control. Good budgeting goes a long way towards ensuring you don’t have more debt than you can handle. However, you also need to make sure you pay your bills on time. Missing payments regularly will harm your credit […]

Financial health is the goal

The opposite of debt despair is financial health. There are many free reports that you could get monthly. Find one that suits you best and then keep an eye on what your report reveals and for ideas on how to improve. In particular, you should keep an eye out for potential errors. You should look […]

How to save money while shopping

Grocery shopping is a must-do but wouldn’t you like to save while doing so? Here are a few options to consider if you want to get a lower bill and more value while you shop. Grab the essentials first Have a look at your grocery cupboard and see how many items you carried over from […]

Don’t be crunched by credit

Applying for credit is part of everyone’s financial journey in a number of different ways. If you want to start a business or buy your first property, credit will be unavoidable. Before being approved for big ticket items like the aforementioned, lenders will want to see evidence that you’ve handled credit responsibly before. Things become […]

Should you be taking a once-off loan?

We have all been through that rough patch financially where it is the middle of the month and you’ve run out of money. In that moment, if your bank offers you a once-off loan it seems like a quick solution to help you get to your next paycheck. What is a once-off loan? Let’s start […]

Become a Spending/Saving Sage

Making sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way is a joke these days with all that we’ve collectively gone through as a South African and global population. Being on firm financial ground gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to deal with the unexpected twists and turns life can throw your […]

How you can stay afloat amid a crisis

South Africa is currently undergoing two major crises Covid-19 and looting. For the businesses that have taken a hit, the ripple effect will be felt by many of us in a shortage of basic necessities. Although there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel, here are our suggestions to keep your […]

How to save on your daily costs of living

Trying to save on the daily costs is difficult. From running to the store for bread and milk, or attending that last minute meeting which happens to be taking place in the office, a distance away. Here are a few ideas to help you save smartly on a daily basis. Spend less time on the […]

Benefits to debt counselling

If you have mounting debt and struggling to see a way out, debt counselling could be the light at the end of the tunnel you are searching for. Here are a few reasons why it can be the right choice for you: One fee, one charge Wouldn’t you rather have one charge go off your […]

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