Infinite Life is run by people who have been in the same financial situation as you. Our directors have been BLACKLISTED, had JUDGEMENTS passed onto them and gone through DEBT COUNSELLING themselves.

Still not sure? Having a team of likeminded people within the business that have walked the same path as you means your situation is personal to them and they are driven to help you go through this process with as little stress as possible.

You can choose any debt counsellor you please, but it is important to choose the right one. Debt counselling is a legal process and to proceed in the right direction, using the right methods, you need an experienced debt counsellor.

Experienced debt counsellors

We know how challenging it is to deal with people who are unfriendly and incompetent when it comes to dealing with your family’s finances.

With this in mind, we have chosen the best in the industry; multilingual and customer-driven.

Being financially stressed takes its toll sooner or later.

Infinite Life treats every enquiry and application with the utmost discretion.

Did you know nearly 25 million South Africans are in debt? You are not alone.

And now you’ll also have a team behind you to help you get through this.

Trusted relationships

We are a customer-first business. Because of this, we have forged solid relationships with credit providers country-wide.

Part of our role is to negotiate the best interest rates and lowest repayment values to help you manage your debt.

We take it a step further and also investigate reckless lending from your credit provider.

Our objective is to ensure that you get the most efficient experience from beginning to end.

We know the thought of legal proceedings can cause you to avoid the process which is why we are here to take you through it step by step.

We offer two ways to start the process; either face-to-face with one of our friendly consultants or electronically, via a phone call and email.

The road to recovery

Don’t be part of the statistics. Did you know 11 million South Africans are over-indebted?

Infinite Life has helped many turn their lives around financially, emotionally and mentally.

Once we have gone through the process with you, step by step, you can free yourself from this grip.