Infinite Life is operated by REAL ordinary people, who have experienced REAL life situations. Our directors have been BLACK LISTED, have had JUDGEMENTS passed onto them and have even gone through DEBT COUNSELLING themselves. These situations have taught them life’s most valuable lessons but more importantly given them a drive to INSPIRE THE NEXT.

Still ask why INFINITE LIFE? Having likeminded attorneys, accountants and compliance officers and commissioners within the business has created a team who are ready, willing and more than able to coach you through life’s most difficult financial times!

There are many registered Debt Counsellors out there. Choosing the correct one is vital! Remember Debt Counselling is a LEGAL process and in order for you to go through a stress free process you should ensure you deal with a capable and competent Debt Counsellor.

Real friendly and competent counsellors

We know the frustration of dealing with people that are unfriendly, not helpful & more importantly incompetent at providing you as a client with the best possible advice & service.

Our counsellors are multilingual & ready to assist with a smile on their faces. After all our goal is to INSPIRE THE NEXT.

We all know that being financially stressed is certainly not something to be excited about.

If knowing that nearly 25 Million South African’s are in debt makes you feel a little better …. great!

However, we also understand that debt is a very sensitive topic for a number of people.

INFINITE LIFE treats every enquiry and application with the utmost discretion.

Real straight forward relationships

We have established great relationships with credit providers all over the country. We build straight forward one’s that aid in the best possible outcome for YOU as the consumer.

Sure we negotiate the interest rates and lower repayments for you to help you get out of your debt, but we take it a step further and also investigate reckless lending from your credit provider.

When we hear ‘Legal Proceedings’, ‘Court Orders’, ‘Creditors’ etc… it’s sometimes enough to scare or put us off the process completely.

Hence our goal is to make it as simple as possible from start to finish.

You have the choice of having a consultation done in person or we can have everything done electronically via a phone call and email.

We will walk you step by step through the entire process.

Real results!

11 million South African’s are over indebted! INFINITE LIFE has helped many change their lives financially, emotionally and mentally.

We assure you that by the end of the process you will be on a rock solid road to financial recovery!