Debt counselling was introduced by the Nation Credit Act (NCA) in 2007. This was done in effort of assisting over indebted consumers structure a repayment plan that would be affordable to them.

This restructure has to be accepted by the credit provider as well.

The process is intended to help consumers like yourself, that are struggling with their debts, to achieve the following:

  • Education in financial situations
  • Advice on how to budget
  • Reducing repayments
  • Restructuring of debt
  • Negotiation with all credit providers

Start your Debt-Free journey with Infinite Life in just 4 simple steps…

Complete a FREE assessment

(Free of charge and only takes a few minutes)

Can be done online, telephonically, in person or via email/WhatsApp.

Debt counsellor assessment

(A registered debt counsellor will assess your situation)

Counsellor will determine if you are over indebted by analysing your monthly expenses and debt vs your monthly income.

Placed under debt review

(It now means you have protection from your creditors)

Your counsellor will inform all Credit Bureaus and your credit providers that you are now under debt review.

Your process is complete

(You will now pay what you can afford in a single payment)

Your allocated attorney will go to court and make your new payment plan a court order.

Once these steps have been completed, you will have peace of mind from…
  • Legal action taken by your credit provider
  • The ability to make ONE monthly payment
  • A reduced payment plan that is affordable
  • Having enough money left over for your monthly living expenses.