Saving can be fun. Before you side-eye us, here is what we think could help you to save money easily by turning this sometimes-difficult task into a fun activity for the whole family.

Make gifts at home

Instead of heading to the store to buy an expensive gift whenever there is a special occasion, why not make something at home? This will save you the money and it will be more lovingly received since it has your personal touch all over it. There are tons of ideas and easy-to-do tutorials on YouTube.

Start a veggie garden

You only need to walk into the retailer around the corner to see the cost of fresh, organically-grown veggies. If that alone doesn’t make you want to start a veggie garden, then maybe the idea of nurturing a seedling into something you can feed your family with peace of mind will. You can draw up a schedule for everyone to have a turn to water, prune, turn the compost, etc.

Movie night at home

A trip to the movies for a family of 4 can cost around R1000, on average. Sure there’s the big-screen appeal, but think about marathon movies, homemade popcorn with all the flavours, stretching out on your couch, wearing your PJs if you want! That sounds like more the kind of fun time everyone can enjoy.

Get out

If you must get out of the house, there are plenty activities that needn’t cost a cent. Pack a picnic basket with everyone’s favourite snacks and go to a recreational park. They usually have a nice play area or open space to kick a ball or blow bubbles. You could take board games to extend the fresh air and sun ray hours. If you’re lucky enough to live near to one that also has some easy walking trails, you should totally take advantage of that. The benefits for your overall health is more than money can buy!


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