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Pay only what you can afford, with a single monthly payment.


Welcome to Infinite Life

At Infinite Life is a debt consolidation service that focuses on ensuring your debt-repayments are low and affordable.

Our outstanding attorneys, accountants, and compliance officers are willing and able to coach you through life’s most difficult financial times.

There are many registered Debt Counsellors out there. Choosing the correct one is vital! Remember Debt Counselling is a LEGAL process and for you to go through a stress-free process you should ensure you deal with a capable and competent Debt Counsellor.

Start your Debt-Free journey with Infinite Life in just 4 simple steps…

Step 2

Debt counsellor assessment

Step 3

Placed under debt review

Step 1

Pay a single reduced payment

Once these steps have been completed, you will have peace of mind from legal action being taken by your credit provider and the ability to only make one reduced payment a month. The process will ensure you have enough money left for your living expenses while paying off your debt.


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